How Can You Protect Kids on Youtube?

It’s possible that everyone already knows this and I’m just late to the party. But friends, did you know that you can share a YouTube link with students that’s free from ads and external clutter? 

It’s true! There are so many incredible clips available on YouTube. I regularly use videos to teach social cues and read stories. However, I’m always worried that one of the “recommended” videos will take students somewhere unseemly or get them off task. 

Is there really a risk of our kids on YouTube?

An article in the Washington Post revealed that “A child watching videos on YouTube is an average of three clicks away from potentially disturbing adult content, according to a study released by British digital security firm Kaspersky Lab.” 

Seriously, I cannot traumatize a child because they kept clicking! 

What’s the solution?

We aren’t always able to embed the video or monitor students when they are watching the content. That’s where comes in. Click the YouTube link you’d like protected and pop it into the website, and voila, you’ve got a link that’s safe for your students. 

I know that YouTube has parental safety controls, and I am confident in my internet safety lessons. But this is an added layer of security and reduces the likelihood that they’d keep clicking.   

**They aren’t paying me to say nice things. I genuinely find their service helpful.