Tools to Counsel and Teach ESL Students

I have found myself in so many classes this year with students who speak zero English. I desperately want to teach and work with these kids, and I’ve been practicing my Spanish using Pimsleur. However, I’m still not proficient enough to communicate any of my lesson material, not to mention that many speak a language other than Spanish. No es nada Bueno. (Did I do that right?)

I recently started using Microsoft Translator Chats to teach, counsel, and hold parent meetings. I can begin the “chat” and give the student or parent a code that will translate everything I say into their language that they have selected

The students will see what I say in their native language, and if they “chat” back to me in their language, it will show up for me in my native language. Using masks with this technology makes it difficult to translate accurately, but it’s possible, just tricky.

I am all about inclusivity and want to make sure I am providing each of my students with the best opportunity to learn and receive my services. This app is just one more tool to break down those barriers.