Boost Staff Morale: Letters from the School Counselor

Many school counselors are struggling with what to say to their staff during this difficult time. I know that many of us are the “feelings” person in our school for students and staff alike. This was the message that I sent to our staff with the hope of connecting and giving them resources to improve their own mental health.

The E-Mail:

Hi all!  

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.  

I know that these are weird times full of big emotions for a lot of folks. I wanted to share some information about our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers coping and crisis resources, including webinars on dealing with stress, confidential counseling sessions (teletherapy), and an on-demand app for stress, anxiety, and depression.  

To access the EAP resources, eligible employees and dependents can visit, and look for the COVID-19 spotlight. If you are asked for a company code, use “XXXX-XX”. For more information, call Here4TN at 855-Here4TN (855-437-3486) or visit for support.

On a personal note, I want to remind you that however you are coping is okay. I saw a tweet from a lady who said, “I guess I can’t lie to myself anymore about all the stuff I would get done if I just had the time.” In times of stress, our bodies will fight, flee, or freeze. So, when you’re having trouble finding the energy to get anything done, know that it is normal, and that is your body’s way of coping, it is essentially freezing. Most of us are fighters by nature, but this is one instance where fighting means staying at home–which feels counter-intuitive to our way of helping.  

I hope you all remember to be gentle with yourselves during this difficult time.  You’re in my thoughts.    

Take care, 


**Please reassure your folks that it is okay to feel how they are feeling. Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us that what we are feeling, no matter how usual, is okay.