Connecting in the New “Normal”

My words seem to fail me today, so I will simply lean on the wisdom of others and hope it finds you well.

“Our brains are built to help us function as members of a tribe. We are part of that tribe even when we are by ourselves, whether listening to music (that other people created), watching a basketball game on television (our own muscles tensing as the players run and jump), or preparing a spreadsheet for a sales meeting (anticipating a bosses reactions.) Most of our energy is in connecting with others.” -Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

I miss seeing smiles. I miss hugs. I miss being around people. Now, when I watch tv I find myself tensing as characters walk into large gatherings or shake hands. I miss the ways in which we used to connect.

“Look, if I were alone in the world, I would have the right to choose despair, solitude and self-fulfillment. But I am not alone.” – Elie Wiesel

I hope you reach out with a phone call, a text, or an email to let someone know that you care about them today. Just because we are separated physically, does not mean that we are separated socially. What you do matters.

We are all in this together–even when we are apart.