Doing This With Your Students Could Help Them Have More Friends

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I am a huge fan of helping kids practice how they would react in difficult situations prior to the situations actually occurring. I think the fire department would agree that the time to make a plan to get out of a burning house is not once the house is on fire.

Parents and teachers agree that we prep our children for so many difficult situations, but few are ever explicitly taught how to engage in social situations, and many of them suffer the consequences with too few friends and a feeling of disconnection. For that reason, I am always on the lookout for activities to help my students learn social skills.

On Teachers Pay Teachers, a user named Pathway to Success just made my day by posting a set of 10 Free Social Problem Solving Task Cards that highlight social situations that kids can “discuss and identify how they would solve each situation.” The deck includes specific situations for students to solve regarding family, friends, in the classroom, at recess, and at lunch.

This is an incredible resource to help out our littles! I hope you all enjoy!