What Separates You From The Life You Want Isn’t What You Think

Some people believe that life happens to them and others, the ones who are successful, they believe that life happens for them.

“Raise your hand if you enjoy being around negative people?” That was the question a speaker asked a room of a few hundred people and not a single person raised their hand. None of us enjoy spending time with these energy vampires that suck out all the fun, and yet, we sometimes find ourselves being “that” person that everyone wants to avoid.

If you believe that when you go into work today that it will be an amazing day, you will often have an amazing day because your attitude is primed to support that belief. How does a belief actually impact the outcome of an event? When faced with a difficult situation, someone who believes that they will have a good day will be more likely to ignore bad events and focus their energy and attention on the positive events, therefore creating a more positive environment. It’s not magical thinking, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy which is a belief or expectation that a person holds about a future event that manifests because the individual holds it (Good Therapy, 2015).

According to Trevor Moawad, we can create the life we want by avoiding negative speech. “The real power we have over ourselves is what happens when we speak those words out loud. Many believe that the spoken word has up to 10 times the power that thoughts have when they live only in our minds.” When we change our attitude about a situation, we can create a new reality.

How might we use this concept in our daily lives? Stop saying stupid stuff out loud is a good start. Those negative thoughts you have bouncing around in your head that says, “I am fat.” or “I’ll never get that promotion.” Keep them in your head (if you can’t get rid of them) and say nothing at all if it isn’t possible to change your speech to something more positive.

Sometimes it is hard to flip those negative thoughts from something negative, that you firmly believe, to something positive. In those instances, just make sure you aren’t saying those thoughts out loud and perpetuating or predicting those events. It’s better just to say nothing than to use negative speech.